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Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement

Don’t wait to use our athletic services until you need to recover from an injury. With PT Northwest’s Sportsmetrics training, we work with athletes to prevent injuries before they occur. With more instances of non-contact knee injuries, we provide athletes with resources to reduce their risk of serious knee injury.

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how sportsmetrics works

This program trains athletes through a specialized progression of plyometric exercises. These drills teach athletes how to jump and land safely. Sportsmetrics training can:

  • Reduce the risk to serious knee injuries to the ACL and MCL
  • Increase vertical jump height by up to 4 inches
  • Improve hamstring to quadriceps muscle strength ratio
  • Improve jumping and landing mechanics
  • Balance out strength between right and left legs, which reduces side-to-side movements in the knee

While these knee injuries are more common among female athletes, our Sportsmetrics program can also benefit male athletes looking to reduce the risk of injury while improving their athletic performance.

return-to-play training program

If you are recovering from a knee injury, taking part in Sportsmetrics will still be helpful to you. You will improve your strength and balance with our six-week program with three sessions per week. Each session is made up of these five components:

  1. Dynamic warm-up
  2. Jump training
  3. Strength training
  4. Flexibility
  5. Speed & Agility (optional)

improve your training

If you’re interested in training your body to prevent a serious knee injury while also improving your athletic performance, complete the form on this page to learn more about our Sportsmetrics program. 

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