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Meet our Ownership Team

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Meet our Ownership Team

Last month we shared the history of PT Northwest. It’s always a good to remember where we’ve been and where we’re going. As we look to the next 40 years, it is key, as an organization, we look to our team of fearless leaders. We invite you to get to know our leadership team. We think you’ll like them as much as we do. So without further ado here’s our ownership team…

Scot Campbell – Scot joined the PT Northwest team in 1987 and has been a fixture at all of our locations. He travels to each clinic on an as-needed basis to help fill in for therapists who are on vacation or it’s a busy day. Scot currently serves as the Director of Clinical Advancement and loves to continually learn from other PT Northwest Therapists!

Kennedy Hawkins – Kennedy is our President and General Manager and has been a part of the PT Northwest family since 1992! Kennedy is the one who steers our ship in the right direction by ensuring everything is functioning and in perfect operating order. One of Kennedy’s favorite things is to hear how patients’ lives have been transformed by PT Northwest.

Mike Hmura – Currently serving as the director of the Willametta University clinic, Mike provides physical therapy services to college students. Not only does he work at the clinic but he also works with 17 Doctoral programs, four undergraduate programs, and clinical internships to help educate and train the future of our industry! If you see Mike on campus be sure to stop and say hi!

Jason Ball – Last but not least is Jason! Jason said hoped on the PT Northwest wagon in 1993. He currently works at the Clinic Director at the Corvallis Clinic. While working with patients, he also manages and oversees the day-to-day operations at the clinic. Jason loves working with the staff to help provide resource’s to reach their potential, which in turn helps our patients reach their therapy goals.

Our ownership team finds it a privilege to help our patients Restore Their Active Lifestyle and thank you for continually choosing PT Northwest to serve your needs. We can’t wait to see what the next 40 years hold!

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