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Introducing the STRIVE Program

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Introducing the STRIVE Program

If you been in for an appointment or scheduled an appointment lately, then you may have received something from our STRIVE Program. Moving forward, we will be utilizing the STRIVE Program to connect with you, our patient, to better serve you and provide an outstanding experience. Let’s learn a little bit more about STRIVE and how we plan to use it.

What is it?

STRIVE is designed to better connect, engage and provide an elevated level of customer service to our patients. This program will serve as a way to gather feedback from our patients, tailor our services to you, and even monitor your progress as a patient with us.

How Can You Use It?

What’s most exciting about STRIVE is how our patients will be able to utilize it throughout their treatments. We’re able to prescribe custom exercise solutions you’ll be able to complete at home, along with a patient portal to track your workouts and see the progress you’ve been making with your treatments. Through the program, we can send information that’s pertinent to you and your situation, along with the opportunity for you to provide us with feedback.

What We Hope to Accomplish with STRIVE.

Implementing STRIVE allows us to, simply put, serve our patients better than ever before. We value the feedback patients provides and we hope with the easy-to-use system, we’ll receive more feedback to help create a better patient experience. We hope to strengthen relationships with patients and provide you with resources to create a better experience.


For more information about the STRIVE program and how you can utilize it, you can reach out to your clinic. We look forward to hearing from our patients and see the results from implementing this program in your treatment! For more information about PT Northwest contact us here.

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